The Competing for Water programme

In many parts of the world, the advent of new – and often powerful – water users into a rural area radically changes the level of competition for water.

Based on the case of lead mining in the Con Cuong district in Vietnam, this video report provides an example of what may happen when new water users arrive. It illustrates that those who make the decision to allow new water users to start operating tend to be different from those who bear the costs of the new type of competition which emerge in the wake of the advent of new users.

This video is one in a series of three videos that illustrate conclusions coming out of the “Competing for Water” programme. The three video reports can be seen at

The Competing for Water programme ( is a collaborative research programme which has documented the extent, intensity and nature of water-related conflict and cooperation occurring over a 10-year period in one district in each of the following countries: Bolivia, Mali, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Zambia.